Friday, December 17, 2010

Python - The New Standard In Game Programming?

Well.... I know what you all will say (if you know anything about game development). You will say,  "Python is slow...." and "Python is lame...". But think about it. Is Python really that lame? I mean it is true that Python is slower and somewhat less portable than C or C++ or even Visual Basic, and that is a disadvantage at times. But the main thing that is holding Python back is the rumour about it being less powerful, which is an absolute lie because whatever Python is, it's not weak. Python is being rapidly updated and there are several graphics libraries for it which make it way easier to use than C, C++ , C# , V Basic or even Java. and those libraries are powerful; a popular example being 'Pygame'. Python also has way more built-ins. The only language more preferable for game programming than Python is C++, which is really difficult to master. Therefore Python is seriously awesome for Game Programming. Just give it a try!

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